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On the Road to a Divorce in Nevada?

I believe in access to affordable legal representation for all and I am dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality divorce service possible -- at a price that makes sense to you in our new economy...”
Attorney James Smith

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Divorce with Children

Are you seeking a divorce in Nevada and have children?
We make it as easy and as painless as possible so you can focus on your children.

 Always a Free Consultation!


Divorce with Children

Are you seeking a divorce in Nevada and have children?
We make it as easy and as painless as possible so you can focus on your children.

 Always a Free Consultation!


Seeking a Legal Separation?

We make it as easy and quick as possible for you  to get back into the swing of things

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Legal Separation in Nevada

Low Cost. Flat Fee When Uncontested.

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Separate Maintenance in Nevada
(also known as legal separation)

We have been helping clients like you with their legal separations for the past 25 years and more. We are a flat fee office and charge a fair price for a full legal separation package. Call us now at 702-680-1780 for a free phone conference to obtain information about filing your legal separation.

Reasons for filing Separate Maintenance instead of a divorce:

1. One of the parties would lose health care coverage because of a divorce

2. The parties don’t wish to divorce due to religious reasons

3. The parties wish to take a breather from the marriage but don’t wish to be responsible for the other’s debt during the break


Basically, a Decree of Separate Maintenance covers everything a Decree of Divorce covers, such as property and debt division, and child support and visitation, except that the Decree of Separate Maintenance does not end the marriage from a legal standpoint.

The biggest difference between filing for Separate Maintenance and a Complaint for Divorce is that the parties remain legally married after the Separate Maintenance has been granted.

A Separate Maintenance can be filed with both parties agreeing to, and signing, the paperwork, or with only one party signing. If only the Plaintiff signs, the other party is served with the Complaint for Separate Maintenance and then has the option to file an Answer and Counterclaim.  

Nevada Separate Maintenance

2 Signatures

$699 and court costs**

  • Highly Experienced Separate Maintenance Attorney
  • All Property and Debts Included
  • Physical Custody Included
  • Visitation Included
  • Child Support Calculations Included
  • Personal Attention–you are not just a number to us!
  • Make 2 payments instead of 1
  • Call 702-680-1780

One Signature Nevada Separate Maintenance

$1299 and court costs**

  • Attorney James Smith 25+ Years of Separate Maintenance Experience
  • All issues related to property
  • All Issues related to debts
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support Calculations included
  • We handle all aspects of process service
  • Make 2 payments instead of 1
  • Call 702-680-1780


Attorney James Smith has been practicing law in Nevada since 1985. He is licensed in Nevada and California and holds a BV rating (highest possible) with Martindale-Hubbell®, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession. He is also BBB A+ rated and has been for the past 24 years.We have filed thousands of divorces and annulments over the years, at an average of 390 cases per year! Because of this, we can take in, file, and process cases quickly. We have a propriety system designed to move cases along at the fastest possible pace within the constraints of Family Court.

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Our case intake paralegals are well-trained and can answer a huge majority of your questions. Those they cannot answer will be answered by the attorney, whose office is next door to the intake paralegals’. They often discuss cases as part of the decision process of whether or not to accept a client. If we can’t help you, we don’t take your money. Call us at 702-680-1780 for your free consultation.

What we guarantee when you file your divorce through us:

  • Prompt response to your phone calls and e-mails even after you pay us!
  • Dedication to serving your needs with compassion, to the best of our ability and power.
  • Make two payments instead of one (unless you want to pay in full).
  • We guarantee prompt and courteous service by our trained, certified, and qualified staff. Our goal is to get you through this quickly so you can move on with your life.
  • We NEVER share your information with anyone other than those required to know for processing your case through the courts (the attorney, our staff members working directly on your case, the court clerks, and your judge).

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Legal Separation

Can I file for Separate Maintenance even if my spouse is not agreeable to my terms?

Yes. A Separate Maintenance can be filed same a divorce and be granted by Default if the other Defendant is properly served and does not respond.

Why would I file Separate Maintenance instead of a divorce if my spouse does not agree?

If your spouse’s employer, or your spouse, covers your health care policy and you will lose it if you divorce, and you would not be able to qualify for a policy at this time. If you don’t want a divorce due to religious reasons.

What Can I include in my Complaint for Separate Maintenance?
  • Debt division
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Private school tuition and other expenses related to children
  • Insurance stipulations
  • Estate planning wishes
  • Option for the terms of any future divorce
  • Option for terms of any future reconciliation
  • Who retains possession and control of any property owned by the partie
  • Orders for payments of bills
How much are the court filing fees and costs for a Separate Maintenance?
  • Filing fees for Complaint for Separate Maintenance: $269
  • Filing fees for an Answer to Complaint for Separate Maintenance when Defendant agrees to the term of the Complaint: $217Court
  • Costs: $56

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“I met Mr. Smith several years ago. Not only is he a great attorney, but now a good friend. I initially had him help me with family law matters and corporate matters and he always did an excellent job. One of the very few good attorneys left out there.”

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Court Costs

**Filing costs for a two-signature legal separation are $542, for a one-signature legal separation $364

The average cost of process service (for one-signature legal separation)  in the U.S. is $160. Cost of publication average is $150 (when Defendant cannot be served personally). Out of country process service costs vary by country and are individual to each case. This costs are in addition to attorney fees and filing costs.