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On the Road to a Joint Petition Divorce?

“I believe in access to affordable legal representation for all and I am dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality divorce service possible — at a price that makes sense to you in our new economy…”
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Joint Petition Divorce

  • MeetingIn Nevada, a divorce is often filed in the form of a Joint Petition (NRS 125.182) It is the simplest way to file and obtain a divorce when both parties agree to all terms of the terms, including child custody, child support, visitation, and property division (if applicable) and when both parties agree to sign the divorce documents.
  • Both parties must sign the joint petition and the decree to have the divorce granted–this is Nevada law, not just our rule.
  • Once these have been signed and notarized, the joint petition is filed with the Court and the decree submitted for the signature of the judge assigned to your case.
  • Once the judge signs the Decree, the clerk files it and your divorce becomes final.
  • Your divorce can be obtained in a short amount of time when you file a Joint Petition Divorce. The exact amount of time depends a lot on your judge and his or her work pace, as well as  how busy the court happens to be at the time your case is filed.  The average length of time  is about 10-15  days.
  • We have the experience and the knowledge to make your joint petition Nevada divorce run as smoothly as possible.  .


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Joint Petition Divorce

(both parties must sign)

From $399 plus court costs)

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A word from Attorney James E. Smith

Hi, my name is James E. Smith, Esq. I’ve been practicing law in the State of Nevada for the past 23 years. During that time, I’ve helped countless people with their Nevada divorces.

I believe in access to affordable legal help for all and I am dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality Nevada Divorce service possible — at a price that makes sense to you in the current economy.

Yours truly,
James E. Smith, Esq.



Nevada Divorce Resident Witness

  • At least one of the parties in a Nevada divorce must have resided in Nevada for a minimum of six-weeks just prior to the filing a Joint Petition Divorce  as per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 125.020).
  • The Court requires proof of your residency in the form of a Resident Witness Affidavit. The individual who signs this sworn Affidavit in front of a notary must be another Nevada resident who knows you to have lived in Nevada for a minimum of six weeks before the date your joint petition divorce was filed
  • See Nevada Divorce Residency for more details



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*Court Costs currently $326 ($342 with children) for Joint Petition, and $364 for a Complaint) and cost of process service and publication (when the other party won’t sign or cannot be found) is additional: process service in the U.S. average cost is $160; publication average $150. Out of country service costs vary by country and are individual to each case.