How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney in Las Vegas For You

Often, when you want a divorce in Las Vegas, you want it quickly. While no one enters into marriage expecting that things will end in a divorce, after making the difficult decision to end your marriage, you just want things to be over fast.

Due to the complexities that often arise during the divorce process, working with an experienced divorce attorney in Las Vegas will be the best way to accomplish this. But not everyone goes around with attorney business cards in their pocket. Which means you have to go through the process of finding the right divorce attorney in some other way.

How do you go about this search? Where do you start from? How do you know when you have the right attorney, and how do you ensure you get started on the right foot?

Well, you can start here to learn all you should know about finding the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas.


Why you need the best attorney for your case

Finding the best divorce attorney in Las Vegas is likely the last thing on your mind while you are in the turmoil of divorce. The pain and frustration of the situation creates a need to get things over quickly, and because of this, you might settle on the first attorney you find.

However, this can often be a bad decision. Due to the fact that divorce is a sensitive area of law, you need an attorney that genuinely cares about securing the best outcome for you. Your divorce attorney needs to appreciate your need for a quick resolution, without compromising on the necessity for a comprehensive and beneficial outcome.

They also need to match your outlook on what you want from the divorce. Do you want a court-supervised process, or would you rather complete the whole divorce in a private and confidential mediation? Your attorney should be able to deliver on your expectations.

If you don’t agree on property and debt division, or on child physical custody and child support, it’s always best to mediate. Divorce mediation avoids a costly divorce trial. It’s also less acrimonious, an important factor if you have minor children to keep raising with your soon-to-be-ex after the divorce, or a business to keep running with them.  So, it’s best to retain an attorney who customarily conducts divorce mediation so that you are not automatically guided toward the divorce trial route.

You may not immediately find these qualities in the first attorney you come across. And even when you think these qualities are there, it makes sense to compare this attorney with others, and then pick the best one for your case.


How to begin your search for a divorce attorney in Las Vegas

Starting your search may be the most difficult part of the process, but there are several options to explore. These include referrals from friends and family, visits to local attorney offices, and online search via review sites and Google.

  • Referrals: Referrals are one of the most common ways that people find an attorney. According to a Legal Trends report by Clio, roughly 62% of people found an attorney this way in 2017. With a referral, you can easily find an attorney who has been tested by a loved one or close friend, and is now trusted.
  • Local attorneys: You may also begin your search by visiting the offices of local attorneys in your neighborhood who practice family law. There is nothing wrong with making an appointment with the attorney nearest you, telling them about what you need, and evaluating them on the basis of the information in this guide. But make sure you don’t end your search here. Go on to check them out online, and conduct your due diligence by comparing them with other divorce lawyers.
  • Online search: This is another great place to start from. With a quick Google search, you can easily get access to recommendations for several attorneys close to where you live in Las Vegas. But, again, it’s important to ensure your search is as wide as possible. You can use this opportunity to evaluate the websites and practice of the attorneys you found through other means. You can also visit attorney review sites such as Avvo, Best Lawyers in America, the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry, and Superlawyers for the most highly-rated divorce attorneys in Las Vegas.

After your search, you should be able to draw up your shortlist. It is a good idea to have a shortlist of at least three attorneys. This gives you a good range of options that all have the potential to provide the representation you need. Keep your shortlist limited to attorneys that are located either within your neighborhood, or close enough that setting up a meeting with them won’t be a problem for you.


Interviewing your Las Vegas divorce attorney

If you know for certain your case will be contested, you should meet your attorney options in person before you make a decision on who to hire. But where this may not be possible, an online meeting can also do the trick, either through a video or audio meeting. Setting up an interview should not be too difficult, especially since most attorneys provide a free and confidential consultation for the first meeting.

If you know your case will not be contested, it’s acceptable to deal with the attorney’s staff as lawyers closely monitor anything the staff does, and dealing with the staff instead of directly with the attorney will save you hundreds of dollars.

To be certain that you make the most of an initial consultation, whether it’s with the attorney, or a case intake paralegal who works with the attorney, here’s some advice on what to take to the interview, and questions to ask.


What to take to the interview 

The goal of the interview is twofold – to help the attorney or staff learn about your case, and help you finalize your decision on choice of an attorney. For the attorney to learn about your case, it is important to take all the information that presents a complete picture of your case.

The first thing you should have is a summary of your divorce case, and the circumstances it involves. What is your spouse’s outlook concerning the divorce? Are there any legal documents between you and your spouse (such as a prenup or postnup) that may affect the divorce? Ensure you provide a full and accurate description of all the facts involved.

The next thing you should provide is any documentation that supports your story. If there was a prenup or postnup between you and your spouse, be sure to mention it, or bring it along if you meet the attorney in person. Finally, provide a clear outline of your goals, objectives, or preferences for the divorce. If there is any outcome that is important to you, such as child custody or property division, you should disclose it right away.


Questions to ask the attorney or staff

Remember that the interview is more or less a job interview, only in this case, you’re the one hiring. So, as you would with any job interview, you should come prepared with questions that help you evaluate the attorney. Start with questions:

  • Do they specialize in family law? Learn how much of their practice the attorney dedicates to family law. Also learn if they specialize in a specific type of family law, such as collaborative law, divorce mediation, or uncontested divorce cases.
  • Do they have experience with cases like yours? Ask if the attorney has handled cases like yours before and the outcome of those cases. This gives you a good idea of the attorney’s ability to deliver the outcome you desire.
  • How familiar are they with the courts and judges in Las Vegas? Great divorce attorneys have a lot of experience in local courts. This shows they are no strangers to local county law and divorce procedures.
  • How do they intend to handle your case? Ask how the attorney intends to deliver on the goals you have identified for your case. Let them explain the options available to you and their chances of success.
  • How much will your case cost? Finally, never leave the interview without a full understanding of what the attorney charges, and how much your case will likely cost. If your case is uncontested, look for an attorney who offers a flat-fee service.


What will hiring a divorce attorney in Las Vegas cost? 

Questions around how much will a Las Vegas divorce attorney will charge often factor heavily in the decision to hire a lawyer. Typically, divorce attorneys charge an hourly fee, especially for divorce proceedings that may be long or complicated. For less complicated proceedings, they may charge a flat fee.

However, each attorney provides a flexible procedure to help clients learn about their fee structure, and adopt the most beneficial arrangement for them. Some even provide an unbundled services setup, so you only pay for the services you require. There are many options that will be available to you. Ensure you find out and learn thoroughly about these before making a decision.


You can start your search here

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