child support in NevadaBelow is the child support guideline table for Nevada (as per Nevada Revised Statutes). To better explain the table, which seems to confuse many people if the calls to our office are any indication, we will look at two very simple examples. Look at the table first, then read the examples and things should become clearer for you. Note that there are allowable deviations from these child support guidelines and you’ll see a list of them a little lower in this article.
Statutory Percentages for Child Support in Nevada – NRS 125B.070 (1)(B):
One (1) child: 18%
Two (2) children: 25%
Three (3) children: 29%
Four (4) children: 31%
Five (5) or more children: 2% more over amount for four (4) children for each additional child.

Example 1: John and Jane have one child who lives with Jane full time and spends two weekends per month with John, as well as two weeks in the summer and some holidays:
1. John’s gross monthly salary is $4,235.
2. Child support for one child is set at 18%, and 18% of $4,235 is $762.30, HOWEVER
3. Maximum child support per child for the range of $0 to $4235 is $604 per month, therefore
4. John will pay $604 per month in child support to Jane.

Example 2: John and Jane share physical custody (one week with John, one week with Jane or some other equal-time arrangement)
1. John makes $4,235 per month, so must pay $604 to Jane as child support
2. Jane makes $3,000 per month, so must pay $540 to John as child support.
3. Difference between $604 and $540 is $64, so John pays Jane $64 per month.

In any deviation from the above table (higher or lower amount), the Court takes into consideration the following factors (NRS 125B.080):

more thanless thanMaximum







no limit 








How to collect on unpaid Child Support Obligation:
In Nevada, once you have a Decree of Divorce, if your spouse does not make the child support payments as ordered in the decree, you may contact Child Support Enforcement in the county where you reside. The District Attorney’s Office will take legal measures to collect the child support through any means available to them, including wage garnishment, and bank account garnishment.

Child Support Offices in Nevada:

Washoe County Residents– Child Support Enforcement
300 E 2nd St, Ste 1200 Reno, NV 89501
(775) 448-5150 (775) 448-5199 (fax)
Washoe County Child Support Collection

Churchill County Residents
Churchill County District Attorney 165 North ADA Street Fallon, NV 89406
(775) 423-8423 (775) 428-6571 (fax)
Churchill County DA Child Support Division Web Site

Clark County Residents
Clark County District Attorney
Family Support Division
1900 E Flamingo Rd, Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 671-9200 (702) 366-2400 (fax)
Clark County Child Support Collection

Of course Nevada Divorce.org (Conexa, LLC) can help you with any divorce in Nevada with children needs.


Author: Attorney James E. Smith — http://nevadadivorce.org/about_nevada_divorce.htm

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