In a large majority of cases, couples opt to do an uncontested divorce.

Most people who are about to get divorced realize-once they’ve done some research-and provided they are willing to agree on how to divide their property and debts, and deal with issues related to their children, if any, realize they are better off with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer who won’t lead them right into a divorce trial at great expense.


What Type of Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Do You Need?

Many Las Vegas lawyers will not even consider taking on an uncontested divorce because of the amount of time involved – up to 20 hours, especially if divorce mediation is involved. Your choices will be limited.

  1. There is the type of uncontested divorce lawyer who simply types up the paperwork however you tell them to do so and files them at court, which might not always be to your benefit.
  2. Then, there is the type of uncontested divorce lawyer who will encourage you to go through divorce mediation if he or she detects uncertainty or unfairness in your wishes, especially after a long-term marriage with assets, substantial or not. And also if you are unsure how to manage child physical custody.

This is the best type of uncontested divorce lawyer to retain.

This second type of divorce lawyer most likely has many years of experience and expertise in the field of family law, and is well respected by his peers.

Look for someone with a good public reputation with no complaints against him or her with the Nevada State Bar. If Las Vegas lawyer has been practicing here for many years and has no complaints filed against him or her, it’s a good sign that they run their legal practice ethically.

This type of divorce lawyer will treat your case as unique no matter how simple it might to you, because, despite similarities, every divorce is different. This type of uncontested divorce lawyer can also tell you if hiring them would be financially beneficial to you or not after they’ve reviewed all the facts surrounding your case.


How Will an Experienced Lawyer File your Uncontested Divorce?

  1. A joint petition divorce might be filed if both parties are willing to sign the divorce paperwork. This is the fastest, simplest way to file. If you opt to undergo divorce mediation first, it will take a little longer, but usually not that much longer; the extra week or so is well worth it so you can feel at peace about how the division of assets was decided.
  2. A Complaint for Divorce might be filed if one party cannot participate in so far as signing the paperwork before filing, or cannot sign at all. For instance, a deeply religious person whose religion doesn’t approve of divorce might not contest the divorce, but might also not want to sign divorce paperwork.

In the end, both ways of filing get the same result: a final decree of divorce.


How Long Will it Take to get my Uncontested Divorce in Las Vegas?

A joint petition is much faster, essentially because both parties have signed the paperwork along with the attorney. This signals to the judge that they agree on property and debt division, and on any issues related to the children.

If a complaint for divorce is filed instead, it will take longer because only the plaintiff and the divorce lawyer sign the paperwork before it is filed. Filing this way requires that the Defendant (the spouse who did not sign the paperwork) be found and served with the complaint and the summons by a process server. Once they’ve been served, they have 21 days to respond by filing a answer and counterclaim. If they do not, the divorce proceeds by a process of default. This essentially means the defendant does not object to the divorce because they did not file a response. It is rare for mediation to take place before a complaint for divorce is filed.

If the Defendant files an answer and counterclaim, the divorce is now considered to be contested. There will now likely be additional attorney fees as there will be a lot more work involved for your divorce lawyer. He or she now takes off the hat of an uncontested divorce lawyer and acts as a litigator of the divorce.

It may well turn out to be costly both financially and emotionally. Interestingly, the first thing Family Court in Las Vegas will do (and anywhere else in Nevada) is set a case management conference. This is essentially a mandatory divorce mediation before any divorce trial date can be set.

If you retained an experienced uncontested divorce lawyer, he or she will be well-versed in mediation, and some are even court arbitrators. This type of lawyer will always do his or her best to mediate the points on which the parties don’t agree so a divorce trial can be avoided.


How Do I Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer for my Uncontested Divorce in Las Vegas?

Find a lawyer who advertises as one who handles uncontested divorces. This means he or she has represented many parties in their uncontested divorces, and will know all the best ways to go about it.

Also, that lawyer is likely to have a good amount of experience with divorce mediation (in the event it’s needed in your case), and some will even be court arbitrators so they are well-versed in leading both parties toward resolution rather than right into divorce court.

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