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As you most likely know by now, there are many myths circulating around on how quick quick_easy_decree_of_divorceand easy a Nevada divorce can be obtained, and oftentimes, people get confused as to what’s true and what’s not. Some people firmly believe that a Nevada divorce can be granted in a day or two. Some people think it’s impossible to obtain one that quickly. Both theories are somewhat correct. And it often

depends on the manner in which the Nevada divorce is filed.

We hope to clarify things for you here, and offer some tips and tricks on obtaining a quick and easy Nevada divorce. Now, we’re talking about real ways to do this, not fantasies and ads on websites that promise you a Nevada divorce in a day. Unfortunately, it’s no longer that quick and easy to obtain a Nevada divorce. Between the population of Nevada having grown considerably in the past 20 years, and the likes of But, it’s pretty darned quick just the same compared to the majority of other states.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #1 – Find a highly experienced Nevada divorce attorney:

Find an attorney with a good, long-standing reputation (stay away from typing services and paralegal services to avoid potential problems later) who does lots of divorces. Nothing beats a lawyer with lots of experience in filing divorces when it comes to saving time. Some divorce lawyers have begun to offer unbundled services which lowers the cost to the client considerably while maintaining high-quality service, so there’s no excuse that it costs too much to retain a divorce attorney.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #2 – Get your spouse to agree to sign:

Do what you can to get your spouse to agree to sign the divorce documents. This ALWAYS speeds things up. In some cases, a joint petition divorce (both parties must sign), especially when there are no children and no property or debts involved, is sometimes granted in as little as two to three days after filing. This is NOT the norm, mind you, however, it does occur, so we can say it’s possible. Just don’t count on it. Generally, if both spouses sign the divorce documents we get final Nevada divorce decrees back from the court in anywhere from a few days to two weeks. It sometimes takes up to three weeks if the court is really busy, or your judge is particularly busy at the time your case was assigned to him or her.

Remember that you are undergoing a legal process, ending a legal relationship. Allow the process the time it needs for it to be done correctly. It’s best for your divorce case to take a few days more and have it done correctly than have to fix it again later because it was done in a rush and botched. To have to go back and fix a botched divorce later costs more and takes more time than taking a few more days to do it right the first time around. A few days to a couple of weeks is still a lot less time than it takes to obtain a divorce in most other states (for instance, in California, even with both parties signing, it takes six months to finalize a divorce!!), so we can still safely say that a Nevada divorce is a quick and easy divorce even if it takes two weeks, right?

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #3 – Agree on issues of property and debt division beforehand:

If you do have children and property and, or, debts to divide, come to terms on the issues before you begin the divorce process. It will save you a lot of time. If you cannot come to terms on your own, consider divorce mediation with a reputable divorce lawyer with the proper credentials to mediate a divorce. This will not only save you a lot of time compared to filing a contested divorce. Not only will you save time, but you’ll save a lot of money.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #4 – Take the online parenting class:

If you have children and you live in Clark County, Nevada, take the required parenting class before your case is filed. It can now be taken online which saves you both time and money (it’s less expensive to take it online, but no travel time to class).

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #5 – Have all your information ready before starting the process:

Give all the information your Nevada divorce attorney asks of you as soon as possible after you’ve retained him or her. Your divorce documents can’t be created without certain vital information and your divorce attorney can only work as quick as he or she gets the mandatory information required by the court from you to include into your Nevada divorce forms.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #6 – Sign your divorce documents as soon as your attorney tells you they are ready:

Your Nevada divorce forms can’t be filed at court without your signature, so until you’ve signed, your divorce attorney can’t file your case. So, once the documents are ready for your signature, make an appointment as soon as possible and go sign the documents at your attorney’s office.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #7 – File at the beginning of the week:

Try to sign your divorce documents on a Monday or Tuesday. If you sign the divorce forms at your attorney’s office on a Friday, the case might be e-filed from the attorney’s office on that day, however, the court clerk is not likely to email your attorney the filed/stamped copy until the following Monday, or even Tuesday or Wednesday, and that means that 3-4 days have already gone by. Whereas, if your divorce case is e-filed earlier in the week, we often get the filed/stamped copies back within just hours (though this is no guarantee, it could still take a few days depending on how busy the court happens to be when your case is filed). This counts a lot in a divorce timeline because your attorney can’t send the decree to court for the judge’s signature until he or she has a case number. And your divorce attorney won’t get your case number until he or she receives the filed-stamped copy of the joint petition or complaint filing from the court.

How to get a Quick and Easy Nevada Divorce Tip #8 – If you have to file bankruptcy, do it now instead of after your divorce:

Though this is not a tip that will speed up your divorce per se, it will help out greatly if you have a lot of debt accumulated during the marriage and plan on filing a bankruptcy in the future. Consider filing a joint bankruptcy before you file your Nevada divorce. This will save you time and money in that you can share the cost of the bankruptcy with your spouse instead of paying for the whole thing yourself after your Nevada divorce.

Author: Attorney James E. Smith — http://nevadadivorce.org/about_nevada_divorce.htm

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