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Yes, you can still obtain a quick divorce in Las Vegas, although it's next to not possible to do so in one day as the myth still suggests.

If you find a sleepy county court, show up with your signed and notarized documents, file them and then take them directly to the judge to ask him or her to sign them right then and there, something you probably realize is highly unlikely, then it will take more
than one day to get your divorce granted.

The courts in Nevada, especially Family Court here in Las Vegas, have become busier than ever due to the increased population.
Add to that the budget cuts that have meant cuts in staff, and mandatory e-filing and there goes your one-day divorce.

It's still possible to get a divorce here quicker than in most other states, so don't lose heart. Just know that it is no longer
realistic to think that you can get your divorce granted in one day.

We see decrees come back from in about 2-3 days to up to three weeks when the court is particularly busy. The average is
about 10 days. If you have an extremely good reason for needing your decree faster than that, we can make attempts to push
your case through, but we never promise you a decree in just a couple of days, because we have no control over the speed
at which the court processes cases at any given time. We are familiar with the Family Court judges. They are reasonable and when given a good reason for the rush will often comply and sign the decree quicly to accomodate you.


(both parties sign)

From $350 and court costs


 (1 signature - uncontested)

From $650 and court costs*


  • Payment Refunded if Not Granted!**
  • Divorce Attorney with 25+ years experience
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  • With No Children and No Property $350
  • With Property and No Children $399
  • With Children or Children and Property $425
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    collaborative divorce



  • Payment Refunded if Not Granted!**
  • Divorce Attorney with 25+ years experience
    Represents You
  • Includes Children
  • Includes Property and Debts
  • Pay Only Half to start

    Las Vegas Divorce Attorney


  Requirements and how they affect you and your children when you file a divorce in Las Vegas.


  Find out how to establish residency in Las Vegas
  for the purposes of filing a divorce.


  • Payment Refunded if Not Granted!**
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Hi Good Day, I would like to thank you for doing all your best to make things possible to get my divorce done,and I really appreciate your patience everytime I call and check the status of it. One of your Law secretary was really accommodating and helpful all throughout until this day of finalizing the documents. I'm so excited and happy. Again Thank you so much and Have a nice Day. I will assure you I will recommend your office to all my friends and relatives.
D.M.U. Las Vegas, Nevada


*Court Costs (currently $326 for Joint Petition, and $364 for a Complaint) and cost of process service and publication (when the other party won't sign or cannot be found) is additional: process service in the U.S. average cost is $150; publication average $125. Out of country service costs vary by country and are individual to each case.

**Refund pertains ONLY to cases accepted by Conexa, LLC on and after September 9, 2012. Should your case be denied by the court, you will have the option to request a refund of the payment you made for our services. We will give a courtesy refund based on non-performance on our part. Court filing fees, court costs, process server fees, publication fees, translator fees and any other provider fees are never refundable. See Privacy Policies/Terms for full details.