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About Attorney James E. Smith

James E. SmithThrough Conexa, LLC, Attorney James E. Smith is dedicated to providing the public with superior attorney representation for uncontested divorce matters, at highly discounted prices! You’ll usually find us via this website.

Attorney James E. Smith has been practicing law in Nevada since 1985. He is licensed in Nevada and California and holds a BV rating (highest possible) with Martindale-Hubbell®, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession. In addition to Conexa, LLC, Mr. Smith continues provide legal advice and to handle contested and some uncontested legal matters through his regular law practice of James E. Smith, LTD.

Basically, you get the services of a reputable, licensed attorney often for the same rate you would pay a paralegal and other types of so-called legal services and “typing services” for the same kind of uncontested Nevada divorce.

We are able to offer divorce attorney representation at such a low cost because of our unbundled services setup. In other words, you only pay for what you absolutely need to finalize a Nevada divorce. For example, only clients who ask for certified decrees pay for those; only clients who need to attend a hearing pay that cost, and so on. Most law firms charge by hour and the retainer is based on the fact that an average number of clients require certain services and certain add-ons. At Conexa, beyond a base price, the costs are broken down and a client pays additional ONLY if the client needs additional services or tangibles such as a certified decree for a Nevada divorce.

ALL divorce filings are personally handled and filed by Attorney James. E. Smith as the attorney representing you on your legal matter.

You save a lot of time and money when you retain an attorney for your Nevada Divorce instead of trying to represent yourself, having to redo things over and over because the courts keeps finding mistakes!

Why do we do it? James E. Smith, Esq., through Conexa, LLC and its various websites, is dedicated to providing the public with superior quality legal representation for uncontested Nevada divorces… at the same rates usually charged by paralegals and typing services for the same type of divorce.

Though “an attorney who cares about you” might seem like an oxymoron to many, it is indeed true about James E. Smith. He’s donated countless hours of his time in free case consultation over the years. And it became obvious to him how a firm like Conexa, LLC could truly serve the public very well in instances of certain types of uncontested legal matters.

And that’s how Conexa, LLC was born – reliable and genuine legal representation and assistance for you, at prices that make sense in the current economy.

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*Court Costs (currently $326 for Joint Petition, and $364 for a Complaint) and cost of process service and publication (when the other party won’t sign or cannot be found) is additional: process service in the U.S. average cost is $150; publication average $125. Out of country service costs vary by country and are individual to each case.

Answered All My Questions. I Got Peace of Mind!

“Going through a divorce is one of the toughest, if not the toughest things I have ever had to deal with. You not only provided excellent service, you also provided me with peace of mind, answering all of the questions that I had plus some that I should have asked but failed to. I would recommend Conexa to anyone going through this and in fact, already have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

M.N. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Thankful for a Second Chance to Rebuild Personal Life

“Recently I decided to entrust my stressful, life-changing international marriage problem with Conexa, because Attorney James E. Smith professed claims of 99% success if he decided to take my case. I asked myself how can such a potentially complicated process be met with such high confidence. Professional NBA basketball stars train for years to approach 70% free throw percentage. A few elite players like Kobe and Curry have briskly touched in the 90% range.What Conexa did with my case is nothing short of a miracle. While I believed in my case for an annulment, my own delays were affecting my case credibility. Conexa diligently worked with me to transform my thoughts into an arsenal of sharply-worded arguments that became the crux of my case. Their turn-around time was swift, with the judge’s decisive approval stamps on my papers, less than two weeks later.”

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Direct, Clear, Honest!

“I want to use your service because your website is direct, clear, and honest”

J.D. Las Vegas

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One of the Few Good Attorneys Out There

“I met Mr. Smith several years ago. Not only is he a great attorney, but now a good friend. I initially had him help me with family law matters and corporate matters and he always did an excellent job. One of the very few good attorneys left out there.”

R.E. Las Vegas, Nevada

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