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Nevada Divorce Services With a Difference

We are a highly experienced Nevada divorce attorney firm offering flat fee, unbundled divorce services for uncontested matters.   Attorney fees for a joint petition divorce start at $350, an uncontested complaint for divorce is a flat $650. All you do is provide us with the information we need to create your Nevada divorce documents and you sign the documents in front of our notary. We do the rest. The attorney fully represents you at court so that you never have to deal with Family Court yourself.

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QUICK RESPONSE TO QUESTIONS AND QUICK DECREE The staff is very knowledgeable and was very helpful in guiding me through the divorce process. I was very impressed with the quick responses to my questions and the speed in which my divorce was finalized. Hopefully, I will not need this Nevada divorce  service again, but if I do I would use them again.

M. H. Las Vegas, Nevada

Joint Petition Divorce

(both parties sign)

From $350 and court costs* just sign and leave the rest to us!


  • Our fee refunded if your divorce is denied**
  • Licensed Attorney James E. Smith represents you (practicing family law in Nevada since 1985)
  • With No Children and No Property $350
  • With Property and No Children< $399
  • With Children or Children and Property $425
  • Pay Only Half NOW


Complaint for Divorce

(1 signature – uncontested)

From $650 and court costs* just sign and leave the rest to us!


  • Our fee refunded if your divorce is denied**
  • Highly-Experienced Attorney Represents You
  • Includes Property and debts
  • Pay Only Half NOW





Divorce With Children

Basic Requirements when filing a divorce with children in Nevada:

  • 6-month Nevada residency for the children
  • Mandatory COPE (cope with divorce) class (can now be taken online)
  • Child Support guidelines for Nevada divorce
  • Establish physical custody
  • Establish visitation
  • Provide Medical Insurance coverage

Information on child support and custody and visitation.

Attention anyone seeking a Nevada Divorce

If you’re tired of struggling through the painful emotions of a divorce and want to avoid further complications, then you really need to answer this question:

Who do you want to handle all the details of your divorce – A highly-experienced local Nevada divorce attorney… or a typing service?” Get live personal attention now.

If we take your case, you will get free or you pay nothing! If your divorce is denied by the court, your payment
to us will be refunded!*

It is very rare for a highly experienced and accomplished lawyer to offer his services for roughly the same price as a typing service or document preparation company.

A lot of companies and so-called “paralegal services” online do not want you to know this. In fact, they lead you to believe they have an attorney personally watching over your case. If you are-–as I hope–-very interested in making sure your divorce is handled as quickly and securely as possible then…

I urge you to get comfortable, ask not to be disturbed, and study this page – it is that important! It reveals vital information you need to know!

It’s shocking but true.

Every day, people hire companies for their Nevada divorces that they should not be hiring – companies who quite often lie about their qualifications, falsely make you believe a divorce can routinely be done in days and provide inaccurate or misleading information on their websites that in the end does nothing to help you get free…. wasting your time, money, and causing you more aggravation.

A divorce is an incredibly difficult, if not the most difficult thing to go through. I know, I’ve gone through one myself. And finding a company who can help you can be draining and extremely difficult. There are plenty of companies – many of whom are quite good at promoting a positive image. But here is an undeniable truth:

In Nevada’s court and legal system, you cannot afford the risk of a poorly handled divorce filing.

I realize that you might not believe that right now but let me inform you about some important little-known facts.

    Did you know:

  • Paralegal and typing services only type up your documents and file them at court for you as though you had filed them yourself: no more. This means your case is filed “in Proper Person”; no attorney’s name appears on your court pleadings – just yours and your spouse’s. You’re on your own.
  • If you use a typing service or paralegal to file your Nevada divorce case “In Proper Person,” if the Court has doubts or questions they send all your documents back to you and they tell you to attend a hearing to explain yourself, or worse, the judge denies your divorce.
  • ALL typing or paralegal services are practicing law without a license
  • What about companies that have “Supervising Attorneys” – doesn’t that mean you have a lawyer? No.
    The Supervising Attorney merely supervises the processes and programs and operations of the company. Typically they are not even in the same building and only rarely do they review an actual client file, if ever. What do you think are the chances they will review your file?
  • Without an attorney on your side, there’s no telling what future legal fiasco you might be creating for yourself with Nevada divorce documents not designed to protect your rights in all ways!

When you retain Attorney James E. Smith of Conexa, LLC, the name James E. Smith, Esq. is the very first thing that appears on the very top of all your Nevada divorce documents. The court immediately knows you have the power of an attorney behind you! The attorney deals with the judge and the court. Not you!

Attorney James E. Smith has been practicing law in Nevada since 1985. He is licensed in Nevada and California and holds a BV rating (highest possible) with Martindale-Hubbell®, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession.

Attorney James E. Smith is an insider in the Nevada Court system who has an impeccable history, knows the judges, local laws, and how the systems work. Why not avail yourself of his wide knowledge and experience while you go through your Nevada divorce?

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*Court Costs for Nevada divorce (currently $326 for Joint Petition, and $364 for a Complaint) and cost of process service and publication (when the other party won’t sign or cannot be found) is additional: process service in the U.S. average cost is $150; publication average $125. Out of country service costs vary by country and are individual to each case.

Answered All My Questions. I Got Peace of Mind!

“Going through a divorce is one of the toughest, if not the toughest things I have ever had to deal with. You not only provided excellent service, you also provided me with peace of mind, answering all of the questions that I had plus some that I should have asked but failed to. I would recommend Conexa to anyone going through this and in fact, already have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

M.N. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Thankful for a Second Chance to Rebuild Personal Life

“Recently I decided to entrust my stressful, life-changing international marriage problem with Conexa, because Attorney James E. Smith professed claims of 99% success if he decided to take my case. I asked myself how can such a potentially complicated process be met with such high confidence. Professional NBA basketball stars train for years to approach 70% free throw percentage. A few elite players like Kobe and Curry have briskly touched in the 90% range.What Conexa did with my case is nothing short of a miracle. While I believed in my case for an annulment, my own delays were affecting my case credibility. Conexa diligently worked with me to transform my thoughts into an arsenal of sharply-worded arguments that became the crux of my case. Their turn-around time was swift, with the judge’s decisive approval stamps on my papers, less than two weeks later.”

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Direct, Clear, Honest!

“I want to use your service because your website is direct, clear, and honest”

J.D. Las Vegas

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One of the Few Good Attorneys Out There

“I met Mr. Smith several years ago. Not only is he a great attorney, but now a good friend. I initially had him help me with family law matters and corporate matters and he always did an excellent job. One of the very few good attorneys left out there.”

R.E. Las Vegas, Nevada

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